America’s Solution by Antonio Lee

America's Solution by Antonio Lee

In a classist world it’s no wonder some consider me a genius, which is why I embrace it, speaking on classism, because I know in time people as a whole will see the universal perspectives of my art and how it relates to them, no longer blinded by their perception barriers. Take for instance ‘America’s Solution’ the poor & working poor see it as the government sweeping things under a rug to benefit the rich. While the rich see it as the government sweeping things under the rug to benefit the poor because more money a different set of problems. Like where to put all this money so you won’t go broke with family members borrowing & never paying you back, to strangers and Uncle Sam trying to tap your pockets. But for me it’s deeper than this, within us all there is a spiritual existence with an old person telling us what’s right & wrong deciding things, as our inner child disagrees, it doesn’t want to hear it, the inner voice tells it different, covering its ears cause it doesn’t want to see it, the recycled crack in our spirit, karmic debts. Knowing the people are the stars, as you see them in the falling flag.
-Antonio Lee

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